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Removing buckets in radosgw (and their contents)

Becoming a part of City Network

City Network shifts into high gear with hastexo acquisition

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hastexo announces world's first self-paced course for Linux High Availability

hastexo announces world's first self-paced course on OpenStack-Ansible

SUSE Boosts Professional Training with hastexo Academy and Open edX

Fragile Development: Scrum is terrible, and you should ditch it

Wiping and resetting your SUSE OpenStack Cloud Crowbar configuration

Online TOSCA Training Now Available Built on Open Source Infrastructure, Open edX and OpenStack

hastexo announces new interactive OpenStack course, support for COA exam

HX201 is live! OpenStack training doesn't get better than this

Five Days of Ceph at PSA Peugeot Citroën

We Built a SLES12 SP1 OpenStack Image So You Don't Have To

Containers: Just Because Everyone Else is Doing Them Wrong, Doesn't Mean You Have To

City Network: building the next City Cloud generation with OpenStack and hastexo

Dogfooding Dogwood

HX212 is live! Our hottest Ceph course just got better.

REIFF boosts agility and innovation with OpenStack

University of Innsbruck creates scalable and agile infrastructure with Ceph and OpenStack

Pacemaker's best-kept secret: crm_report

The new hastexo Academy

Hosting a web site in radosgw

Brand New Everything

My first Open edX contribution

A minimal Ubuntu OpenStack Juju configuration in just four nodes

A Python one-liner for pretty-printing radosgw utilization

Understanding radosgw benchmarks

OpenStack for Open edX: Inside and Out (SWITCH ICT-Focus 2015)

Clusters, Routers, Agents and Networks: High Availability in Neutron

OpenStack Certification is coming, and we support it

Automated OpenStack deployment: A comparison

hastexo integrates OpenStack with Open edX, taking professional learning to the next level

Open edX

OpenStack for Open edX: Inside and Out (Open edX Con 2015)

Manageable Application Containers: Lightning Quick Updates, Scaleable Security, Easy High Availability selects hastexo for Ceph training

Welcome, Deena Cooper!

OpenStack Orchestration and Automation

Ceph Tech Talk: Placement Groups

Kilo is ready, and so are we! Are you?

Spreading knowledge: OpenStack and Ceph in New Zealand and Germany

Have Data, Want Scale, Indefinitely: Exploring Ceph

Get trained on OpenStack Juno!

Grab our OpenStack Summit Training Discounts while they're hot!

Ceph Performance Demystified: Benchmarks, Tools, and the Metrics that Matter

Hooray for Juno!

OpenStack High Availability: Are We There Yet?

Last chance to vote for OpenStack Summit talks!

A little clarification...

News from the hastexo training department

Hacking OpenStack for Padawans

hastexo included in OpenStack Foundation Marketplace launch

An introduction to OpenStack (LinuxTag 2014)

SysEleven goes OpenStack — getting trained by the best!

Hungry for Icehouse? Want to learn? GigaSpaces is here to help!

Last call for OpenStack Israel talk submissions!

Catch Martin Loschwitz and Syed Armani talking about Ceph this week!

Tesora announces a partnership with hastexo

Hands On Trove: Database as a Service in OpenStack

Hey Brazil! Adolfo wants to talk to you about OpenStack!

OpenStack & Ceph: A perfect match?

Voting for the OpenStack Summit is under way, cast your votes today!

Fun with extended attributes in Ceph Dumpling

Want to be the first to learn about OpenStack Icehouse? Make plans to come to Berlin!

Unrecoverable unfound objects in Ceph 0.67 and earlier 2014, or My Annual Journey To Awesome

Greetings from Havana: A fresh perspective on globally distributed OpenStack

Três turmas de OpenStack em São Paulo

More OpenStack training: calling all SampaStackers!

hastexo, GigaSpaces announce training partnership

hastexo Becomes OpenStack Corporate Sponsor, Expands OpenStack Training Portfolio

Understanding packet flows in OpenStack Neutron setups

hastexo Academy OpenStack training coming to Munich!

hastexo Academy joins OpenStack training program

hastexo announces hastexo Academy

Vote vote vote! 3 days left

Puppet, OpenStack, Kickstack, oh yeah!

So, you want to be an OpenStack blogger? Here's how.

Ericsson picks hastexo for OpenStack training

Bem-vindo, Adolfo Brandes!

OpenStack Italia User Group Meetup, Milan, June 20

Up for a challenge? Here's the OpenStack Essentials quiz!

hastexo returns to the OpenStack Summit as a sponsor!

hastexo in 100 Seconds

Ceph: object storage, block storage, file system, replication, massive scalability and then some!

Ceph: The Storage Stack for OpenStack

Enter the cuttlefish!

It's May. It must be OpenStack Month!

More Reliable, More Resilient, More Redundant

Inktank & hastexo announce partnership on Ceph

On our cooperation with Inktank

3 days with Percona in Toronto

Welcome, Noah Mehl!

OpenStack Delhi Meetup

OpenStack meets PYUGAT: OpenStack-Community-Abend in Wien am 24. 02. 2013

Auf Draht in der Wolke: Das hastexo Cloud BootCamp for OpenStack kommt nach München!

OpenStack mini conference

High Availability Update: You can now vote our talk into the OpenStack summit!

High Availability Update (Grizzly and Havana)

Advance info for tomorrow's Ceph tutorial at

My week at 2013

Welcome, Syed Armani!

Solid-state drives and Ceph OSD journals

OpenStack DACH Community Event in Köln, Deutschland (9. Januar 2013)

OpenStack DACH Community Event in Cologne, Germany (Jan 9th, 2013)

GUUG FFG, CLT, OSDC ... Conferences coming up early 2013

Thoughts on "ecosystems"

A few words about collaborating with Rackspace

Infrastructure HA for the Rackspace Open Cloud

On the merits of working from home, in a distributed virtual team

Adding MySQL/Galera resources to Pacemaker

Bootstrapping the Galera cluster

Configuring Corosync

Dealing with node failure

MySQL/Galera in Pacemaker High Availability Clusters

Recovering from full cluster shutdown

Setting Galera-specific MySQL options

Starting Pacemaker

Testing resource recovery

MySQL High Availability Deep Dive

An excellent quick trip to Budapest

GlusterFS in High Availability Clusters

Hands-On With Ceph

Lots of OpenStack in my November schedule

Talking Ceph and GlusterFS at LinuxCon Europe

Migrating virtual machines from block-based storage to RADOS/Ceph

Want to be part of something awesome? Talk to me at the OpenStack Summit!

One year in!

Pacemaker and the recent GitHub service interruption

Maintenance in active Pacemaker clusters

EPAM Systems selects hastexo for Ceph training

Vaimo trusts hastexo for High Availability

Find out what's new on OpenStack and High Availability - at the next Design Summit!

High Availability in OpenStack

Speaking and BoFing at CloudOpen in San Diego!

OSMC 2012: I'm speaking!

Highly Available Cloud: Pacemaker integration with OpenStack

OpenStack high availability and Ceph at OSCON!

Failover testing: some technical background

Configuring radosgw to behave like Amazon S3

Testing your Pacemaker cluster the proper way

Hochverfügbarkeit für Icinga - Intensiv-Workshop im Vorfeld der OSMC

Want to install OpenStack Swift? Here's how to do it!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

4 extra seats available in Cloud Bootcamp in Wellington!

Fencing in VMware virtualized Pacemaker nodes

Free OpenStack Workshop at LinuxTag!

Returning to Paris for OpenStack in Action 2: Production Ready

Our first Cloud Bootcamp is now Sold Out

An exciting day for the Ceph community

More details on OSCON 2012, and your chance to get in cheaper!

Open Source Datacenter Conference 2012

Coming to New Zealand!

A look back at my first OpenStack Design Summit & Conference

Reliable, Redundant, Resilient: High Availability in OpenStack

Presenting OpenStack at the LinuxTag 2012 in Berlin, Germany

Presenting OpenStack at the LinuxWochen 2012 in Vienna, Austria

SkySQL, hastexo Form Highly Available Partnership

Speaking at the Grazer LinuxTage 2012

Advance Info for High Availability Deep Dive attendees at MySQL conf

Bringing High Availability to OpenStack Keystone and Glance

Speaking at OSCON 2012

Feature article on Pacemaker in this month's Linux Journal

Presentation accepted for OpenStack Spring 2012 Conference

How to install OpenStack on Ubuntu 12.04

Announcing the High Performance High Availability Guide documentation project

Mandatory and advisory ordering in Pacemaker

High Availability in OpenStack

On my (ex-)maintainership of the DRBD User's Guide

GlusterFS und Ceph. Skalierbares Storage ohne Wenn und Aber.

Managing cron jobs with Pacemaker

Mit OpenStack zur eigenen Cloud (German)

Storage Replication in High-Performance High-Availability Environments

Roll Your Own Cloud

What's a Totem "Retransmit List" all about in Corosync?

Lots of new stuff on our web site

The Zen of Pacemaker

cluster-glue in Squeeze backports updated

Finding out which OSDs currently store a specific RADOS object

Ceph: tickling my geek genes

Announcing Cloud Jumpstart for OpenStack™ – and your chance to get into LinuxTag for free!

Solve a DRBD split-brain in 4 steps

Checking Corosync cluster membership

Your own cloud with OpenStack: presentation at OSDC 2012, Apr 25-26 2012

Fencing in Libvirt/KVM virtualized cluster nodes

OpenStack Spring 2012 Design Summit & Conference

Network connectivity check in Pacemaker

hastexo is coming to CeBIT 2012!

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, March 17-18, 2012 Chemnitz, Germany

Speaking at the 2012 Percona Live MySQL Conference

GFS2 in Pacemaker (Debian/Ubuntu)

Interleaving in Pacemaker clones

OCFS2 in Pacemaker (Debian/Ubuntu)

Fencing and Maintaining Sanity in High-Availability Clusters

MySQL High Availability Sprint: Launch the Pacemaker!