Hints and Kinks

This is our treasure trove of technical knowledge, coming out of several years of consultancy practice. And we're sharing it freely!

Here's where you find little configuration snippets, answers to frequently asked questions, and explanations of common pitfalls and how to avoid them. All of these are available entirely free of charge.

They're also open to comments, which we highly encourage. If you've got a question on any of the Hints and Kinks, or a request for clarification, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment!

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Removing buckets in radosgw (and their contents)

More recommendations for Ceph and OpenStack

Importing an existing Ceph RBD image into Glance

Replacing the built-in Open edX forum with a suitable alternative

The Dos and Don'ts for Ceph for OpenStack

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Hosting a web site in radosgw

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Understanding radosgw benchmarks

Fun with extended attributes in Ceph Dumpling

Unrecoverable unfound objects in Ceph 0.67 and earlier

Solid-state drives and Ceph OSD journals

Adding MySQL/Galera resources to Pacemaker

Bootstrapping the Galera cluster

Configuring Corosync

Dealing with node failure

MySQL/Galera in Pacemaker High Availability Clusters

Recovering from full cluster shutdown

Setting Galera-specific MySQL options

Starting Pacemaker

Testing resource recovery

Migrating virtual machines from block-based storage to RADOS/Ceph

Maintenance in active Pacemaker clusters

Configuring radosgw to behave like Amazon S3

Testing your Pacemaker cluster the proper way

Fencing in VMware virtualized Pacemaker nodes

Mandatory and advisory ordering in Pacemaker

Managing cron jobs with Pacemaker

What's a Totem "Retransmit List" all about in Corosync?

Finding out which OSDs currently store a specific RADOS object

Solve a DRBD split-brain in 4 steps

Checking Corosync cluster membership

Fencing in Libvirt/KVM virtualized cluster nodes

Network connectivity check in Pacemaker

GFS2 in Pacemaker (Debian/Ubuntu)

Interleaving in Pacemaker clones

OCFS2 in Pacemaker (Debian/Ubuntu)