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High Availability and Disaster Recovery in OpenStack

Heat and its Alternatives: Application Deployment in OpenStack

CephFS and LXC: Container High Availability and Scalability, Redefined

OpenStack for Open edX: Inside and Out (SWITCH ICT-Focus 2015)

Clusters, Routers, Agents and Networks: High Availability in Neutron

Automated OpenStack deployment: A comparison

Open edX

OpenStack for Open edX: Inside and Out (Open edX Con 2015)

Manageable Application Containers: Lightning Quick Updates, Scaleable Security, Easy High Availability

OpenStack Orchestration and Automation

Ceph Tech Talk: Placement Groups

Have Data, Want Scale, Indefinitely: Exploring Ceph

Ceph Performance Demystified: Benchmarks, Tools, and the Metrics that Matter

OpenStack High Availability: Are We There Yet?

Hacking OpenStack for Padawans

An introduction to OpenStack (LinuxTag 2014)

Hands On Trove: Database as a Service in OpenStack

OpenStack & Ceph: A perfect match?

Greetings from Havana: A fresh perspective on globally distributed OpenStack

hastexo in 100 Seconds

Ceph: object storage, block storage, file system, replication, massive scalability and then some!

Ceph: The Storage Stack for OpenStack

More Reliable, More Resilient, More Redundant

High Availability Update (Grizzly and Havana)

MySQL High Availability Deep Dive

GlusterFS in High Availability Clusters

Hands-On With Ceph

High Availability in OpenStack

Highly Available Cloud: Pacemaker integration with OpenStack

Open Source Datacenter Conference 2012

Reliable, Redundant, Resilient: High Availability in OpenStack

GlusterFS und Ceph. Skalierbares Storage ohne Wenn und Aber.

Mit OpenStack zur eigenen Cloud (German)

Storage Replication in High-Performance High-Availability Environments

Roll Your Own Cloud

The Zen of Pacemaker

Fencing and Maintaining Sanity in High-Availability Clusters

MySQL High Availability Sprint: Launch the Pacemaker!