"We're 2 hours into a 3-day class, and you've solved our most pressing production issue!"

Sebastian Bretschneider, engineer at BIT.Group

BIT.Group is a professional services provider with offices in Germany and PR China, and a headcount of more than 300 employees. An SAP Gold Partner, BIT.Group has a long-standing cooperation with SAP AG to provide top-notch SAP solutions to customers in EMEA and across the globe.

BIT.Group operates BIT.Cloud, an Apache CloudStack based multi-tenant private/public cloud environment based on Ceph distributed storage.

In a three-day training engagement, hastexo Principal Consultant and instructor Florian Haas worked with a team of BIT.Group storage experts to expand the team's Ceph knowledge and optimize the system for performance and stability. Building on hastexo's high-demand Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals (HX112) and Ceph Performance Optimization (HX113) courses, the team quickly progressed from the basics of scalable object storage to detailed operational considerations and performance optimization for Ceph.

The BIT.Group team praised hastexo's ability to quickly adapt the course to BIT.Group's specific environment, at one point diving straight into a particular Ceph OSD issue that had affected the production Ceph system for several days immediately prior to the on-site class. After a quick analysis of the issue, a spot-on diagnosis and the initiation of effective countermeasures, BIT.Group engineer Sebastian Bretschneider remarked "hey, this is off to a good start — we're two hours into a three-day class, and you've just solved our most pressing production issue!"

The class came to an excellent conclusion after three days of intense training. hastexo will continue to assist BIT.Group with Ceph consulting on an as-needed basis.

hastexo's HX112 and HX113 classes are available for public, open enrollment, with the next classes scheduled for September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. As in BIT.Group's case, customers can also book hastexo instructors for on-site delivery, including customization to specific production environments.


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