“As a cloud service provider going global, you constantly think about scalability. You need to scale your platform capacity, of course, but also your deployment automation, your internal processes, your team's skill set. As we are continuing to build City Cloud into a global service, we need to work with experts who understand scalability at the very core. That expertise is exactly what we found in the hastexo team.”

Johan Christenson, CEO at City Network

City Network is a hosting and cloud services provider based in Karlskrona, Sweden. City Network's OpenStack-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform City Cloud currently includes hosting locations in Karlskrona, Stockholm, and London, with rapid expansion into locations in the United States, Germany, and Japan on the roadmap for the current year.

(Video courtesy of City Network, released in March 2015. City Cloud has been upgraded to OpenStack Kilo since the date of the video release.)

How we helped

The core City Cloud team at City Network identified a need for an external "pair of eyes" to evaluate the current state of the City Cloud infrastructure, and to seek recommendations to enhance the scalability and elasticity of the service as it grows and expands into more and more locations globally. City Network places a premium on quality, with all data centers being certified under ISO/IEC 27000 standards. City Network customers demand a high degree of compliance with a multitude of regulations, and City Cloud delivers.

In an intense 3-day on-site workshop at headquarters in Karlskrona, we drilled into issues as diverse as user identity management, network operations, storage, and automated deployment. It was a pleasure to work with the City Network team, whose members are extraordinarily competent, well-versed, and experienced — hardly a surprise as the company has been successful in the hosting and infrastructure business since 2002.

Continued cooperation

City Network also considered our approach to online training exceptionally beneficial, particularly as the City Cloud teams grow and spread out geographically. City Cloud's team is looking to phase in Ceph distrbuted storage over the next few months, and our recently-released HX212 Ceph Distributed Storage Fundamentals course is coming in extremely handy for ramping up the team's Ceph knowledge.

City Network will continue to use our products and services in the future, and we are very excited about what we're confident will be an excellent future collaboration.


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